About Project Alpha

Alpha Non-proliferation is an autonomous programme within the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London.

The programme takes an academically rigorous but policy orientated approach to studying the problem of nuclear proliferation by drawing on a wide range of open source sources, tools and techniques. The programme focuses on all aspects of non-proliferation including country issues; safeguards; trade controls implementation and non-proliferation policy.

A unique feature of the programme is its data centric approach. Alpha non-proliferation houses perhaps the most comprehensive datasets on issues related to non-proliferation through its research platform – Alpha-POST (The Alpha Proliferation Open Source Tool).

The programme grew out of Project Alpha established with UK government funding in 2011 to bridge government-private sector understanding of non-proliferation issues. As such, the programme continues to have a strong export control and illicit trade component.

Alpha Non-proliferation currently has a staff of more than 10 persons and is directed by Ian Stewart, who is also a senior researcher in the Department of War Studies. It works closely with external partners, including the James Martin Centre for Non-proliferation Studies (CNS), industry, and international organisations

The team stand ready to answer media questions about issues related to non-proliferation. Please call +44 (0)2078481643 or email kcl-alpha@emc.kcl.ac.uk .

Improving the implementation of non-proliferation controls