Levick and ICM Inc..

In 2011, the US indicted Australian citizen David Levick and Australian company ICM Components, Inc., of which Levick was General Manager, under the charges of conspiracy and violating several Trade Regulation and Export Control acts. According to the prosecutors, during the period from March 2007 to September 2008, Levick procured dual-use military components to be transferred to Iran, intentionally concealing the end-users and lying about the goods’ final destination. The operations conducted by Levick relied on trans-shipments through Malaysia, which, until 2010, had limited legislation regulating sensitive exports, and thus could be exploited as a trans-shipment hub. This case constitutes an important example because the information contained in the indictment is very detailed and offers a clear view on some of the methods of procurementfor restricted goods, especially concerning trans-shipment operations.

A more detailed account including diagrams is available as a PDF below.