Project Alpha is Hiring: Multiple Positions to be Filled

Project Alpha ( at KCL works at the intersection of non-proliferation, trade control, illicit trade and emerging technology. The team’s work includes leading edge policy and academic research on these topics and training and capacity building in relation to non-proliferation trade controls.

We are looking to augment our staff through hiring for a range of positions. Initially, all of the following positions will be available through the King’s Talent Bank, but it is anticipated that postdoctoral positions will be advertised through the KCL jobs board in early 2018.

Research Associates (grade 6)

We are interested in talking to post-docs with a PhD in a relevant area about short term and potentially longer-term research roles covering topics including:

  • Archival research related to non-proliferation
  • Production of academic articles related to non-proliferation and trade controls
  • Pursuit of other research interests in line with the Alpha Non-proliferation Programme’s objective.

Note: we will be advertising longer term Post-Doctoral positions through King’s Hirewire in the near future.


Research Interns, Affiliates and Assistants (Grade  3, 4 and 5 pay scale)

We are recruiting for a number of positions to undertake a mix of the following tasks.

  • To collect and analyse data on issues related to non-proliferation and sanctions. In the immediate term, this will likely be related to entity information on DPRK and Iranian entities.
  • To package existing data and research into stories for web and media outlets
  • To contribute to analytical articles written by senior staff
  • To conduct archival research as directed by senior staff 

Candidates for the research intern and associate positions will be invited to discuss their research interests with senior project staff. As such, candidates should have an understanding of how their research interests fit with the project’s work.

Applicants at the grade 5 “Research Assistant” grade will have a Masters degree or equivalent experience in a relevant topic.

To apply, visit:

Research Translators (grade 3/4)

 We are also looking to hire a small number of part time translators who have an understanding of the non-proliferation and security field to assist in our research. Desirable languages including Mandarin, Korean, Farsi and Arabic. While the work will involve translation of a small number of full-length documents, the main role of these posts will be in conducting foreign language search to retrieve news and results of relevance then summarising the findings for the research team.

To apply, visit:


IT Developer (Grade 7)

We are looking to hire a developer to support and improve our apache web server based software stack which uses Drupal 7 as a front end. The stack runs on an Azure virtual machine. This position could be extended for the foreseeable future and is suitable for a part time role. The tasks will include:

  • Server maintenance including installation of server updates etc
  • Addition of content to Drupal and modification of Drupal views
  • Development of new Drupal modules
  • Data visualisation