UN Security Council Resolution 1540 Online Implementation Monitoring Tool now available

Project Alpha is pleased to announce the creation of an online implementation monitoring tool for UN Security Council Resolution 1540.

The interactive visualisation tool was prepared by King’s College London in cooperation with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies with the aim of increasing understanding of the implementation of Resolution 1540.The tool allows for the dynamic display of 1540 ‘matrix’ reports for each UN Member State in map format. It aims to supplement the UN Security Council’s existing 1540 Matrix toolset through an enhanced, flexible, and more user-interactive interface, with the aim of assisting the comprehensive review of 1540 implementation that will take place in summer 2016. Further information on the 1540 matrices is available on the UN 1540 committee website: (http://www.un.org/en/sc/1540/)

Project Alpha and CNS aim to further refine this tool over the course of 2016. In particular, we intend to develop analytics to supplement the current visualisations. This work will focus on specific thematic issues or regional issues. A further iteration of this project might also see the tool take into account risk factors, such as whether states produce WMD-relevant materials. We welcome any feedback on the functionality of the visualisation at this early stage.

The tool can be accessed here.